• Full Time
  • Adamawa

CGC Nigeria Ltd

Job Description:
– Carry out the work under the leadership of the chief engineer;
– Closely cooperate with the workers and colleagues during all construction processes;
– Adhere to the company’s work style;
– Follow the work arrangement, and complete the construction survey and line laying tasks on time.
– Measuring and carefully setting up and adjusting the instrument to ensure accurate reading, clean record and also include the use of legal units of measurement.
– Responsible for the drawing up of survey line plan
– Always check the drawings before measurement;
– Carry out construction of each stage and the main parts to do a good job in line, line inspection work, to avoid rework.
– Responsible for timely sorting and improving the baseline review, side measurement records and other measurement data.

Skill Requirements:
– Familiar with all Surveying Technology tools;
– Familiar with common office software and CAD drawing software.
– Be familiar with the performance of the measuring instrument used, and manage the measuring instrument well.

– Bachelor’s Degree and above

Work Experience:
No required experience needed, but must have a degree in Engineering Surveying.

– Engineering Surveying

– Adamawa

To apply for this job please visit forms.gle.