Founded in July 2018, and later incorporated in September 2018, 1 Hundred HR Consult is an HR Consultancy firm dedicated to the ethical, timely and successful delivery of creative HR services to enable department heads, HR departments and organisations meet their HR organisational goals. In addition, we provide capacity building services to job seekers to enable them to remain employable and business-oriented.

Our Goal

To provide human resource management services to businesses across Nigeria, alongside render training and consultancy services to jobseekers with the aim of skill empowerment to gaining employment or becoming self-employed.


‘’…To be the leading Human Resource Consultancy Service provider in Africa…’’


To provide Human Resource solutions that improves business operations, alongside supporting job seekers within Nigeria.

Why 1 Hundred HR Consult

We offer a wide range of flexible and innovative services ranging from; HR planning, Job Analysis, HR Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Training and Development, Employee Counselling, HR Information Systems Setup, HR Audit, and Educating Job Seekers by organizing capacity building seminars and offering one-on-one consultancy services.

1Hundred HR Consult
Hence, by the virtue of discipline, hard work and commitment we always deliver on whatever projects we are given with not only rendering professional cost-effective service but with the satisfaction of our clients always in our minds.

First having in mind, the mission and vision of our client organisations, we embark on sourcing, recruiting, selecting and placing the best minds for its team.

About Us